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The Artist’s Studios

June Onyekwelu


Find me in the Purple Pod


Artist Background:


Creator: June Onyekwelu


My interest in the craft of knitting and sewing started when I was very young.  It wasn’t until I was at high school though that I developed my interest in ‘needlework’ and was taught all the basics in ‘domestic science’ classes.

Buttonmoon developed organically from a sudden family bereavement. Sewing and knitting were like my therapy.  Friends and family liked the end product and encouraged me to take my work to a craft fair to sell. I was bowled over by the positive feedback and that was me hooked on the craft fair circuit.

Why children’s clothing and nursery accessories? Well, I have worked professionally as a paediatric nurse then laterally as a social worker with children for many years. I have always been drawn to the cuteness of little things, like itsy bitsy booties! I like the thought of babies and children being dressed in soft, comfortable yet durable and practical clothing. I was often disillusioned by the mass production of clothing by high street stores.


I have been creating and making children’s clothing and nursery accessories for five years now. My little industry has grown organically over the years having made individual pieces and outfits using natural fibres in all the yarn and fabrics.

I have exhibited at a number of local craft fairs, as well as bigger events such as Garden Show Ireland and Love Your Home show in 2016.

My inspiration comes from the fabric and yarns in all their splendour! Once I have a certain yarn or fabric I instinctively know what it will become.

Having worked full time professionally for many years, this is my first opportunity to use a studio space to experiment and develop a little cottage industry or who knows an empire!

Thank you for taking the time to read my bio.

June Onyekwelu

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