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The Artist’s Studios

Megan Kernohan

(Drawing & Painting)

Find me in the Green Pod


Artist Background:


Megan completed BA Hons Art & Design (Foundation Year for Specialist Degrees) at Ulster University Belfast in 2017.  She is specialising in painting that engages people in their natural surroundings. She is currently studying BA Hons Fine Art. She was awarded the Carson Bursary in 2012, which involved creating an art piece to promote integrated education. She has also made an awarded-winning shoe design for the brand TOMS.


Megan has worked as a self-employed artist since February 2015. Her work is based around abstraction of nature. Although she specialises in painting, she also uses photography, drawings, and sculpture as a basis to help her explore ideas.  Her work is bright, bold and colourful which is enhanced by her large scale paintings. Her paintings are well considered and complex.  As her paintings are abstract the viewer can build their own story and see different things therein. Her influences come from a range of sources in nature and her recent work is inspired by the contemporary artists such as Gillian Ayres and Henri Matisse.

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