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The Artist’s Studios

John Patterson

(Fine Art)

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Artist Background:


John Patterson is a Irish artist, living and working near Belfast, Northern Ireland. John has always been a keen and active sportsman, playing rugby for Ulster and Dungannon for many years. Having retired from rugby John followed a career in the corporate world and has accumulated twenty years experience in sales management and marketing. Recently John has decided to leave the corporate world to follow his lifelong dream of being a professional artist.

John has always been a keen artist be and he has a well developed and comprehensive array of skills from years of experimentation with many art mediums and styles. Many people are intrigued by his unorthodox and sometimes unusual ways of working. He works with a variety of traditional materials including Pencil, Coloured Pencil, Pastel , Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour.

For the last four years John has focused on portraiture and figurative art that depicts motion, time, speed and passion. “We are always in motion, if not physically, then mentally and emotionally.” John tries to capture the intensity, the movement and emotion in a given moment. As an artist he draws inspiration from my inner sentiments and thoughts, thus allowing me to effectively express the subject and himself in many ways through the colour and style of the art.

The quality of John Patterson’s work and his growing popularity has seen him ascend in the art world very rapidly. This has allowed John to step away from his long career in corporate world. Now as an artist John’s passion for painting and drawing can be unleashed and shared with his community and further afield.

Standing in front of one of Patterson’s five-to-six foot portraits, the viewer experiences John’s passion for the subject being portrayed. This edginess is further enhanced by his ferocious painting techniques: bold line work, aggressive colour and daring shapes, forms and textures.

Today John is one of the most sought after Artists and his works are now being recognised throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Having completed portraits of Mary Peters, Rory best, Carl Frampton and Rory McIlRoy, John has now been commissioned to paint numerous big name sporting legends in 2016.

John’s artwork has been used in conjunction with Ulster Rugby, Mary Peters Trust, MenCap, The Wooden Spoon Society and other charitable organisations to help with fundraising.



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