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The Artist’s Studios

Nick Glendinning

(Drawing & Painting)

Find me in the Green Pod


Artist Background:

A Tattoo;

‘A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling’

‘Indelible body markings which are more than a trend’

‘A marking to remember a milestone in life’

‘An expression, A creation, A Masterpiece’


Nick is a self-taught emerging Tattoo Artist.

A love for art, an eye for detail and an obsession for tattoos inspired Nick to practise tattooing.

The importance of creating a piece of art with depths of meaning, which will take pride as a permanent print on the body.

Specialising in the area of black and grey realism, concentrating on texture and detail.

Nick’s gallery of art can now be seen walking the streets of Northern Ireland and further afield.


‘Every drop of ink makes the world think’

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