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Growing Communities Through Gardens

The Project 24 Community Garden

What is a Community Garden?

Any piece of land gardened by a group of people.

A community garden is a shared project where people from all age groups, abilities and backgrounds can come together to grown their own fruit, vegetables and flowers.

Community growing has been around for centuries and can be traced back to the fields in Cornwell, near Lands End around 100BC. In the late 19th and early 20th century, both England and America created formal recognition of communal growing. Recently there has been resurgence in the popularity of communal growing and studies have shown many benefits such as; Health (physical and physiological), Social (cultural and intergenerational), Educational (learning and teamwork) and Urban Improvement (recycling and biodiversity).

Get involved in the Project 24 community garden

Our gardens encourage:

Growth of community groups, individuals & herbs, flowers, vegetables & fruit.

Get involved! Getting involved within Project 24 Community Garden does not cost anything only time and commitment!
All Community Groups/ Organisations are invited to come along and get their hands dirty!

Many ways and levels of involvement:

  1. Get involved in the Community Garden
    • – It’s your garden too!
    • – Be part of a Core Group and attend throughout the gardening season
  2. Join us at Community Events in the Garden
    • – Come along to our events – drop in and see what we are doing or take a tour of the garden
  3. Visits to Project 24
    • – We like to learn from others and share our experiences
    • – Our priorities for these visits are Core Groups and local residents

All levels of experience are welcome – training and instructions will be provided to all Group. We will supply tools and gardening equipment.
Clothing required – sensible footwear and warm, waterproof clothing during wet weather. Please bring along your gardening gloves.

How do I get involved?

Community Groups and Organisations wishing to be involved must apply to the Harbour Ward Community Association via e-mail to irene@northdownymca.org

Please state your Community Group/ Organisation Name and Contact Details, the Group/ Organisation type and your proposed involvement.

Project 24 Community Garden aspires to create a programme that will include Community Groups/ Organisations to take an interest in the planning, planting and caring for the garden. There are currently partnerships with local organisations: YMCA, Harbour Ward Community Association, For A Better Bangor Group along with North Down Borough Council support.

The proposed activities will be community based and increase activities in the area. At present the local community has a variety of groups and the proposed activities are to highlight cultural diversity, intergenerational activities and increase awareness of growing, biodiversity and recycling.